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Chemical Injection, Pneumatic, Electric, Solar Pumps

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Pneumatic Chemical Pump

The Pneumatic Chemical Metering Pump has a simple but rugged design that can be repaired in the field within minutes.  Standard features include 316 SST wetted parts, TFE O-rings in both checks, sealed lube system, and a timer/controller that can turn down to three strokes per minute. 


Our pneumatic pumps can operate at less than 0.5 liter/day without stalling.  Twister pumps have been evaluated by customers who claim our pumps have the lowest emissions.

Timberline Pumps


Twister Solar Pump Packages

Twister field solar package

Solar Powered Chemical Injection Pumps provide years of reliable, low maintenance and low cost service with zero environmental emissions, zero noise pollution, and zero monthly power expenses. 


A variety of solar pump packages are available.

Our solar products are available as packages or just the motor/head assembly.

Electric Pumps

Duel Head Electric Pump
Electric Pump

Our electric pumps are designed to provide years of reliable, low maintenance, and low cost service.  Powered by an XP classified electric motor thereby eliminating the gas emissions this is an environmentally clean method for injection of chemical into a line under pressure.  

Applications include injection of methanol, corrosive inhibitors, friction reducers or scale inhibitors into wellheads or pipelines.

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