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Instrumentation and Sample System Components

Headline filters

The Headline low cost/low pressure housings are constructed entirely from 316L stainless steel metal parts. Viton seals and a choice of stainless steel, Pyrex glass or acrylic bowl. The G & F versions are ideal for use in applications where it is necessary to monitor filter element conditions without interrupting the sample gas flow. The center drain connection allows easy element change, and bowl guards are standard on all glass bowls. The large capacity series of filter housings are recommended for those applications requiring extended service intervals or higher flow capacity.   A particularly desirable feature of the G & F versions is the see-through bowl, which allows the build-up of condensate to be monitored. The see-through drain vessels are particularly useful for draining liquid from systems under negative pressure.  New Guardian Membrane Housings available.

Fast Loop Filters
Sheffield separator


Go regulators
Genie Membrane Series
Genie Probe
Genie Probe
Flow Switch
Collins Swirl Clean

Our standard Fast Loop filters are constructed from 316L stainless steel. A straight through flow design continuously flushes the filter element carrying the contaminates back out to the process stream, thus maximizing the filter element life. The low flow sample stream pulled into the analyzer is filtered to ranges of 200 micron to 0.5 micron (depending on the filtration efficiency required). 

Go Regulator

Sheffield Dual Chamber Kinetic Separators use patented technology to take advantage of kinetic energy to separate the desired analyzer sample from impurities often found in a process stream. Although kinetic energy will physically separate impurities, it will not alter the chemical composition of the sample.  This separator is available with an integrated cooler.  Complete sample systems are available.

Pressure regulators, valves, check valves and a variety of flow devices are available for applications ranging from the source cylinder cabinet, bulk delivery systems through point of use including VMB distribution boxes and process tool gas trays. Products can be tailored for specific needs with custom fittings, dimensions, porting or testing with an option of multi-port, monoblock and surface mount configurations.

GO Regulator is a leading global designer and manufacturer of standardized and specialty pressure regulators, vaporizers, diaphragm valves, and filters to the analytical, instrumentation, petrochemical, oil & gas, and specialty gas industries. GO regulators and valves are designed to fulfill a wide range of applications, controlling pressure while accommodating low to moderate flow rates of many gases and liquids. 

The Supreme Series™ utilizes the proven Genie® Membrane TechnologyTM to remove liquid and particulate from gas samples spanning a broad range of applications, thereby providing equipment with a safety-net against liquid damage.  The uniquely designed housing allows service without tools or disassembly of fittings. Supreme SeriesTM membrane separators are safe and easy to install and maintain, especially in heated, densely populated cabinets.

Liquid is the root of many problems when sampling natural gas, either by its condensing out of the sample gas after entering the sample system or carrying over from the pipeline into the probe. With probes & probe regulators, a membrane is inserted directly into a pipeline or vessel. This allows for separation of entrained liquids at the prevailing line pressure and temperature conditions. By separating entrained liquids at line pressure and temperature, sample integrity is maintained. Probes can also remove all entrained liquids in a gas sample, making them the most effective filters on the market for protection against liquid damage during upset conditions. There are many types of probes or probe regulators, characterized by their installation methods, to suit your sampling needs.

The flow switch is designed to precisely detect increasing or decreasing flow rate of gases in critical processes.  Typical applications include process analyzer sample conditioning systems, critical purge monitors, excess flow safety, and oxygen and specialty gas systems.  The linear, high resolution adjustment allows for precise settings.  The miniature compact construction is ideal for high density system packaging.

The Collins Swirlklean™ Bypass Filter was developed to remove small micron and sub-micron size particles from both liquid and vapor samples.  Collins Swirlklean™  Bypass Filters are used and proven to be excellent analyzer filters by large chemical and petroleum companies worldwide

King Instruments

King offers more flowmeter styles, sizes, features and options for a wide range of industrial, commercial and specialty applications.  Armoured meters available.  CRN

Properly condition your samples

Improve performance

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