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Fuel Gas Filtration

One of our customers once said:

"IT MUST BE MURPHY’S LAW, we always have freeze outs late at night, on a weekend or holiday!"

Call Twister 24/7, as they always have filter housings in stock and you will get a real person answering the telephone!

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Many applications requiring fuel gas, compressed air, or other gases have liquids condensing out into pumps, line heaters, analyzers, actuators, processes, and other equipment causing failures, downtime, and freeze ups in cold weather.

Twister Instrumentation & Process Solutions supplies and manufactures coalescing filter housings for any size, any flow rate, any pressure, and any application to improve the operations and the efficiency of the application. 

Our HLD process gas media series - designed for additional liquid removal, custom filter element extensions, and those hard to reach filter removals - has the operator in mind!

compressed-air-gas housings

Compressed Air & Gas Filters/Regulators - designed to offer a range of solutions for instrumentation, natural gas, analytical, and fuel gas filtration - most products are available for same day shipping.

Gas and Liquid Filter Housings

Gas & Liquid Sample Process Filters - Durable and user friendly design these housings handle a wide variety of elements with high flow rates and low pressure drops.  Line sizes 1/8" tp 2".


Natural Gas Filters - these filters are 100% machined and are ideal for  the typically high pressure situations with excessive levels of liquid contamination.

Stainless Steel Housings

High Pressure Housings - have a proven track record in fuel gas, NG dispenser , and liquid hydrocarbon applications.  They comes in various pressure ranges, line sizes, and material.  Let us assist you in choosing the correct filter for your application.

CUSTOMERS:  OIL & GAS Industries, Pipelines, Refinery & Petrochemical, Power Generation, Mining & Extraction, Offshore, Industrial, Alternative Energy

APPLICATIONS:  DRY SEALS on Compressors, Inlet & Discharge gas coalescers, Wellhead gas, Lube oil gas coalescers, Instrumentation

PROTECTING:  Gas Turbines, Molecular Sieves, Glycol Absorbers and Amine Plants, Metering Stations, Propane Refrigeration Systems, Gas fired heaters, Heat Exchangers, Instrumentation, etc.


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