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Instrument/Air Dryers

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Parker Items

Choose from a range of high performance and efficient Parker Air Preparation products for your application needs. Parker offers a large selection of dryers, filters, lubricators, regulators and combination units. Full featured filters, regulators, filter/regulators and lubricators are available with a wide range of standard options to meet your air preparation needs. Parker point-of-use dryers deliver clean, dry air exactly where needed. They offer a compact, lightweight design, simple plug & play installation and virtually maintenance-free operation. Our clean air systems make it easy for companies to protect equipment, reduce downtime and maintenance costs and maximize compressed air solutions.

Finite compressed air gas dryers

Inline Desiccant Dryers - These are compact sized point-of-use inline dryers designed for intermittant and not continuous use applications.  Able to remove all traces of water vapour, oil vapour, and particulate.  15/30/60 SCFM

Beko Tech

BEKO Technologies develops, produces and distributes a broad spectrum of products for compressed air processing and condensate management.   Engineered products for special applications such as catalytic conversion systems, heat of compression drying, and advanced measurement technologies are included in the wide range of products that BEKO Technologies has to offer.

Pneumatech flanged filter
Pneumatech oil water separator

Pneumatech innovative desiccant dryers give customers efficient protection against the presence of any humidity in the air, which often is the source of pipe corrosion and decreased efficiency of equipment and tools.

Cactus driers

The Cactus dryer is manufactured with durability and performance in mind. The passive technology uses no electricity, which makes it ideal for use in remote applications, mobile compressor stations, or on construction sites. Built from high performance ABS, aluminum, and stainless steel, PC dryers withstand the most grueling environments. Many of our dryers are in service longer than ten years.

finite water separators

Finite’s water separators have been designed for the efficient removal of bulk liquid contamination from compressed air with the key design focus concentrated in critical areas such as air flow management, separation efficiency at all flow conditions, minimal pressure losses and independently validated performance.

Hilco bag-filter-housing
desiccant dryer

HILCO brings fluid contamination problems under control, cost effectively with a full range of engineered filters, cartridges, reclaimers, coolant recyclers & fluid conditioning systems.  From obtaining samples, to fluid analysis these products reduce the cost of new oil purchases, decrease disposal costs, lessen component wear, reduce downtime and help curtail environmental contamination.

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