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Filter Cartridges,
Elements, Bags, and Media Options

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All types of industries have filtration applications for liquid or gases and Twister will ensure you meet your specifications as required!  Improve your process and reduce your product and operating costs! 

All our products conform to industry standard sizes and grades, and are interchangeable with other manufacturers' elements.  Efficient and economical, offering high flow rates with very low pressure drops.  Feel free to contact us to discuss what will work best for your application.

Liquid Pleated Filter Cartridges

The direction of flow is outside to inside, with pleated media to provide a large surface area and higher solids removal.  Cartridges are rated nominal to absolute at the rated micron size.  Sizes range from less than 1 micron top 100+ micron in a wide range of materials and end cap variations.

Liquid-Vapor Gas Coalescers

Liquid -vapor coalescers are designed to remove aerosol mists from compressed gases such as air, natural gas, and other gases.  Twister gas coalescers are manufactured using high efficiency filter media that offers a choice of particle retention.  We also have a special filter utilizing a design for higher PPM liquid removal.  We can incorporate extensions for easier filter element removal. 

Liquid Coalescers

Liquid coalescers are designed to coalesce and separate hydrocarbons and water.  Liquid coalescers are available in various designs and micron ratings.  These designs include DOE, SOE and tread base style caps.   

Bag Filtration

Filter bags are available in nominal and absolute ratings in many sizes, materials, top seals, single and multi-layered material, bags with various micron rated layers in your custom configuration, bag cartridges that fit P2 baskets that provide additional surface area, etc...

Pleated Media Elements

Pleated media elements are designed to remove particles from liquids or gases.  We offer various types of media including resin-bonded cellulose, polypropylene, polyester, micro-fiberglass, and our K series.  These elements are available in numerous configurations in both nominal and absolute filtration.

Stainless Steel Filter Elements

Stainless Steel filter elements are made from 316 mesh to form an integrated porous element.  Multiple layers ensure support and protection while the middle finer mesh determines the efficiency.

Activated Carbon Canisters

These are designed for use in natural gas processing contact solvents such as amine, glycol, etc. as a foam control tool.  The canisters absorb long chain hydrocarbons and hydrocarbon color bodies that cause solvents to foam.  These activated carbon canisters help keep contact solvent losses to a minimum and pay for themselves in a very short time.  A vertical flow canister increases the contact time of your solvent with the activated carbon.

Sock Type Elements

Manufactured using specific blend of media they are designed for whatever application they are being used for.  This custom design insures the compatibility as well as the efficiency of each element.  The filter media is placed around a spiral locked metal core that provides superior support to resist high differential pressures without collapsing.

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