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Gas Coalescing Filter Building Skid Packages  


Twister has many years of experience providing filtration solutions to the oil & gas markets.  Field ready and operation friendly packaging eliminates unnecessary downtime and maintenance.  Twister packaging includes all required components such as instrumentation, tubing, piping, coatings, electrical, filtration equipment, pumps, valves and inspections.  Our wide variety of filtration products employs the use of the most common to the newest filtration technologies.  In water injection, this enables customers to achieve their desired down-hole formation and filtration objectives to their specification.  Even today, in too many instances the filtration objective is forgotten when water injection buildings are manufactured.


Our natural gas filtration packages furnish a complete turnkey solution whereby we meet vessel flanges to field pipe flange, for easy installation and same day delivery and startup.  All instrumentation and tubing is safely packaged for delivery to site.  Our gas vessels include separators, vertical gas coalescers, horizontal dry gas, vane, mesh, and sand filtration vessels to meet your custom requirements for low to the highest pressures, sour or sweet, low or high flow rates.  Twister has developed easy to replace filter elements for long hard to reach internal vessel dimensions.  Also Twisters high liquid drainage gas coalescing filter elements utilize a dual drainage layer for improved liquid removal.

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Ramshorn Coalescing filter package insid
Dougs Iphone pictures and videos persona
Dougs Iphone pictures and videos persona
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Dual Housings
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