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Twister Instrumentation & Process Solutions Inc has seasoned personnel and industry leading specialists with 30+ years of experience in both process and instrumentation.

Twister and it's business partners are dedicated to providing cost-effective industrial product and custom manufacturing solutions to the Oil and Gas Industries, from gas plants and oil batteries to field and well-sites.  We supply and stock leading product lines for all industries, as well as provide custom manufactured and packaged products for many industrial filtration applications. 

Twister and our partners work diligently to ensure engineered process products and instrumentation meet all ASME/CRN and electrical specifications, as well as those specifications that are requested on a specific job.

Whether you’re looking for individual components or larger process or instrumentation systems and products, make sure you talk to us first - we carry a wide range of industry leading brands of filtration, chemical injection pumps, instrumentation, flow meters, and pressure regulators. 

Twister Instrumentation's main office can be found at #144-5050-106 Ave SE, Calgary, AB Canada - see our Contact page for more details.

Instrumentation & Process Filtration for Western Canada

Custom Engineered Solutions 

Custom Engineered Vessel

Our expertise and years of experience allows us to provide the highest quality workmanship and a quick turnaround.

Today we provide vessels of all shapes and sizes, filters, and complete filter skids as per your application specifications.

All of our products conform to industry standards and our comprehensive portfolio enables greater flexibility for our customers with our wide selection of designs.

Fuel Gas Filtration

Headline FIlter

We offer a large line of housings that filter gases and liquids simply and reliably even in the most demanding conditions.


Line sizes range from 1/8" to 3 " FNPT ports.

High flow rates with low pressure drops.

Durable, user friendly designs.

High efficiency Microfiber elements.

Stainless Steel, Kynar, Aluminum, and PTFE Construction.

Chemical, Pneumatic, Electric, Solar Pumps

Timberline Solar Pump

Twister Instrumentation and Process Solutions Inc is a supplier of chemical injection pumps, pneumatic pumps, and now solar pumps.  

We carry pumps designed to provide years of reliable, low maintenance, and low cost service for use in Class I, Div II hazardous locations groups A, B, C ,and D.

A variety of pumps and pump packages are available to meet your needs 

Instrument /Air Dryers

pneumatech air drier

Compressed air can be conditioned by our coalescing filters which provide superior liquid and solids removal to 99.99% @ 0.01 micron for instrument air. 

We also provide membrane dryers which offer the convenience of no moving parts, inline desiccant housings for vapor removal for -40 C/F degrees or

Regenerative air dryers with twin tower capacity for a -40 dew-point or better.  Many of these products are stock for off the shelf delivery!

Instrumentation and Sample Systems

king Instruments

Some analyzers measure the composition of a process stream by directly immersing the sensing element in that stream. Alternatively, analytical sensing elements may be located some distance away from the process.  In this case a sample of that process stream must be conveyed to the analyzer for measurement. A great many industrial analyzers function like this, with a system of tubes, heaters, filters, pumps, regulators, and other components working together to provide the remotely located analyzer with a steady stream of process fluid to sample. It should be noted that quite often problems experienced with process analyzers stem from improperly constructed and/or maintained sample systems.

Sample systems for gas analyzers tend to be even more complex than sample systems for liquids.

Accurate and reliable operation of any analyzer depends not just on the analyzer itself, but also on all other equipment supporting its role.

Filter Cartridges, Elements, Bags, and Media Options

Filter Bags

From bag filters to stainless steel filters and everything in between, all of our products conform to industry standard sizes and grades and are interchangeable with other manufacturers' elements.


We carry a variety of disposable elements that are extremely efficient as well as economical.  

We also carry a comprehensive line of stainless steel elements, PTFE elements, PTFE porous membranes, liquid coalescers, fiberglass elements, pleated media, activated charcoal canisters, string wound, layered bags, and membrane filters  just to mention a few...

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