Twister Packaging


Twister’s team of seasoned professionals have been providing design, manufacturing, filter sizing, filter media and fabricated product solutions to the Industrial Marketplace for an excess of 25 years.  Our process products meet all ASME/CRN, electrical and requested specifications. Our team with experience and knowledge in process filtration, fabrication, sizing, industrial applications, and field operations allows us to supply products with a cost effective, innovative and a thought out product approach that better meets your custom applications. 


Some of our products and applications are:


• All Industrial Filters and strainers for gas, compressed air and liquid applications.


• Liquid amine, glycol, chemical, fresh water, produced water, water injection, disposal wells,condensate, NGL, carbon adsorption, oil, slurries, and other liquid filters.


• Gas Vertical Coalescers, horizontal filter separators, cyclone, cyclotube


• Fuel gas, compressed air, start gas, inlet coalescers/separators,  discharge gas coalescers, compressor suction,      refrigeration gas coalescers, centrifugal gas separation.


• Complete building packages for water injection, gas coalescers, etc.


• Industrial bag, cartridge, centrifugal, media, coalescing, mesh pad, vane filtration


• Provide filtration for all Oil Field applications, SAGD, Refinery, Oil Batteries, Gas Plants, Compressors, Pipeline 


• Filtration for other industry groups such as Hospitals, Petrochemical, Mining, Pulp & Paper, Manufacturing,    Plastics, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, etc