What it Does


The Sheffield Kinetic Separator uses the inertia and gravity of the fast loop flow to separate the contaminants from an analyzer sample. The separation occurs when condensate and particulates in a gas sample stream - or solid contaminants and heavier immiscible phase materials in a liquid sample stream - fail to negotiate complete reversals of flow direction which are designed in the mechanics of the separator. The separator includes an initial chamber and a secondary polisher chamber with a hydrophobic  Filter which can be customized for specific applications. The kinetic separation does not alter the representative components of the sample.


The Sheffield Separator is a completely unique technology employing the only patented kinetic separator on the market today. Field tests have proven that the Sheffield Kinetic Separator is also effective in single line application at low pressure and flow with a fraction of the lag time associated with knock out type separators. The Sheffield Kinetic Separator could be described as a "Kinetic, low lag time, low differential pressure, hydrophobic filter" separator for use in virtually any low or high flow, low or high pressure, transport sample system.