AP Tech                           Sample system regulators, Pressure reducing, Back-pressure, Cylinder regulators

Autoflow                          Sample Systems Components, Flow Switches for chemical inj. pumps and analyzers

BMD                                 Control Valves, Level Controls, Liquid level gauges, Gauge valves, Relief Valves

Collins Swirl Klean         Sample system swirl-self-cleaning filters


Finite                                Coalescing filters for natural gas and compressed air, ASME code housings

Filtrek                               Filter housings bag/cartridge, 3M amine cartridge replacements, liquid pleated, pleated bag filters


Genie                                A+ /Genie membrane liquid & gas separators, Genie Direct Drive probe regulators


Sheffield Separators       Kinetic Separators for removing particulate from gas and liquid sample streams           


GO Inc.                             Sample system regulators, Pressure reducing, Back-pressure, Vaporizers

Headline/UFS Filters       Specialty gas and liquid sample system filtration, Coalescing filters for natural gas &

                                          compressed air, Membrane filtration and Genie replacements.  CRN

Hedland                            Variable area flow meters for liquid and gas, turbine meters, ultrasonic flowmeters


King Instrument              Variable area flow meters and rotameters for liquid and gas applications - CRN


Micrafilter                         Instrument gas & liquid stainless steel housings & filter elements, microfiber elements

                                          to interchange with Balston & Headline


Monnier                            Low cost compressed air and fuel gas filters.  Modular filter and oiler assemblies


Pnuematech/IRand         Refrigerated and regenerative desiccant type air dryers


Eaton/Hayward                Nominal and absolute bag filters, oil removal bags and Bag filter housings with CRN

                                          Pipeline Strainers and Wright Austin Gas Separators


Filter Solutions                Filter Bag and Cartridge housings:  Single, Multi-bag, duplex, skid mounted


Hilco                                 Lube oil & hydraulic filters, vent mist eliminators, coalescer separator vessels


Jonell                               Natural gas and liquid replacements filter cartridges for Peco, Pall, Porous Media, Filterite


Suez/Osmonics               Liquid polypropylene depth filters, pleated nominal and absolute filters

Parker                               Lube oil & hydraulic filters, relief valves, water removal elements

Megas Manufacturing     Methanol & chemical injection pumps – Pneumatic Pumps, XP Electric and Solar Pumps

                                          And Complete Solar Packages, 4 Head XP (C1D1) Electric Pumps


Timberline/Wellmark       Methanol & chemical injection pumps – Pneumatic Pumps, XP Electric and Solar Pumps

                                          And Complete Solar Packages


Twister Filtration             CUSTOM gas coalescing and liquid pressure vessels, Filter skid packages for gas compressor inlet

                                          and discharge, fuel gas, water injection, glycol, lube oil and amine applications.  Protector Series

                                          Filter Cartridges: Oil Battery Series and Dual Drainage Gas Coalescing Filter Elements.


Twister Packaging          Complete Turnkey Water Injection Filtration packages and Gas Filter Building skids